MILTON LODGE SCHOOL for BOYS was founded immediatly after WW2 by a Mr J.A.Thompson, who leased the house and grounds from Captain Lionel Tudway RN. It was located at Milton Lodge, on the outskirts of Wells Somerset and was for boys of all ages. Unfortunately, due to the the sudden death of the founder and headmaster, Mr J.A.Thompson, the school closed in the late late 1950's and the house and grounds reverted to their owner Captain Lionel Tudway. Today the restored house and gardens are owned by his nephew, Mr David Tudway Quilter and are open to the public. If you are in the area please visit MILTON LODGE GARDENS located on the Old Bristol Road on the outskirts of WELLS.

The author was a student of Milton Lodge from January 1949 to December 1953. The headmaster, known to all as Tommy, was a facinating character, he was first of all a musician having qualified at the Manchester Royal School of Music both on Piano and as a bass voice. He then went to Cambridge, Caius College, where he got an hons. degree in History and a Blue in cricket. During the national strike he drove steam trains. His hobby, with the exception of teaching boys and music, was breeding butterflys, abley assisted by Naomi Storer, the eldest daughter of the school matron. The school was never large, at most 30 boys, so classes were very small.

My memories are not one of education but of glorious afternoons playing cricket in blistering hot sun and football during the winter terms! Tommy was an ardent cricket fan and the school regularly played three day matches. Every year when the Somerset Cricket Team played at Wells the school walked to the ground to watch an afternoon of real cricket!

After the death of Tommy and the closure of Milton Lodge, the pupils remaining went with a Mr Sever, a nephew of Mrs Thompson, first to Gloucester and then to Bodmin. Unfortunately the author has no further knowledge of what became of the school after that.

If you attended Milton Lodge School for Boys please E-m@il me with your reminiscences.

  • A selection of PHOTOGRAPHS. taken by the author between 1949 and 1953 whilst he attended Milton Lodge School.
  • A selection of photographs taken by the Graham brothers in 1999 show MILTON LODGE as it is today, a private house.