A CYCLE CLUB in the 1950's


Members of the racing section of the club in their Knowle clubroom. This photograph was taken in 1955 - the author is in the back row third from left.

In the 1950's BRISTOL ROAD CLUB was Bristol's premiere racing and touring cycling club. During the 50's its clubroom was in Hengrove Lane, Knowle, adjacent to the old Bristol Speedway track, later at 149 Bath Road and later still in the Holy Nativity Church hall on the Wells Road Totterdown. The club was founded in 1928 as a racing section of the local CTC. At a CTC meeting at the 'Bird in the Hand' pub in Saltford on January 4th it was proposed by Fred Baker and seconded by Sid Gearing - Percy Stocker proposed and Sid Gearing seconded that it should be called the 'BRISTOL ROAD CLUB' The club had two sections,' hard riders' and 'touring' members. Needless to say 'hard riders' were the racing section! If you require further information, were or are a member please E-m@il me, I would very much like to hear from you.

The pictures that follow where all taken in the 1950's and are a small selection of photographs taken by Arthur Binning a racing member of the club at that time.

A break for a puncture!

A stop for tea!

The club dinner in 1954 at Yatton.

Roy Williams 1950's style. Roy Williams 2002 style!!.

Margaret Baker & Mary Peacock.


Racing TRIKES a thing of the past?

Hard at it!

Roy Williams being fed!

There were OLD TIMERS even in the 1950's!

66" fixed - it must be a time trial!!

Arthur Binning trying hard in a 12 hour time trial.

Chris Bennet leading the pack.

Early road racing or as it was known at the time 'massed start'

Patchway - The start of the Gloucester 25.

As it is today!!

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